Optisan- a natural Prevention

Could it be that the best treatment for heart diseases was already discovered over 150 years ago, but nowadays even alternative medicine has forgotten about it?

If you or your loved ones face the challenge of heart problems, we think your worries will diminish after reading about ouabain G-Strophanthin and learn what it can do for you.


Strophanthus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apocynaceae native to tropical Africa and Asia.

Several African tribes used Strophanthus as the principal ingredient in their arrow poisen.


In 1991 'Hamlyn' isolated the substance 'G-Strophantin' from human blood plasma (The term G-Strophantin goes back to the of the plant Strophantus-Gratus)

This proves that G-Strophantin is an internally hormone of the human body.


It was discovered by accident in 1859 by the scottish botanist Sasibar Kirk. He accidentally consumed the product and noticed an instant improvement of his heart condition.

He drawn the correct conclusion from this and brought the flower to europe.


How can it help you?

G-Strophanthin helps you with prevention and support of the following diseases:


  • Heart (Heart Attacks, Angina Pectoris)

  • Nerves

  • Arteries

  • high blood pressure

  • Strokes

  • bronchial asthma

  • dementia

  • depressions

  • glaucoma

  • physiological exhaustion


OPTISAN may help for the metabolism of carbohydrates, needed for the metabolic process of the heart.


As might be expected, orally taken no side-effects and does not interact with other medicine.

99% of doctors are not prescribing G-Strophanthin anymore. Thats not because its harmful, it is just simply the fact they dont know about it.

Espacially young doctors never heard of it even it was over 100 years a good alternative – and that with a high percentage of success.


We take G-Strophanthin for years by ourself in different forms and set us a goal: We want to spread it around the world to give more people the chance of a better life.

Sincerely, your OPTISAN– Team